Highland Screening Resources (HSR) is a division of Highland Strategies, LLC.

HSR partners with the best companies in the background screening industry to help clients deploy a full range of background screening services, including:

        ü  Criminal background checks;

        ü  Employment, education, and license verifications;

        ü  Personal and professional reference checks;

        ü  Motor vehicle records checks;

        ü  Credit checks;

        ü  E-verify checks.

Employment Screening Services 

  • HSR draws on years of experience and expertise with law enforcement, public safety, and national security background screening programs to provide clients with the best available professional employment background screening solutions.
  • HSR is not a consumer reporting agency (CRA).  To assist clients in deploying the best available screening solutions, we partner with one of the very few CRAs in the industry accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).

HSR Advantages:

Accredited Service

  • NAPBS accreditation of our CRA partner assures clients that they are getting background checks that meet high standards, emphasize accuracy, comply with consumer reporting laws, and keep personal information secure.

Experienced Team

  • Our team includes leading background screening experts with years of experience in both the government and commercial screening arenas.
  •  Our experts have authored prominent works in the field, including The Attorney General’s Report on Criminal History Background Checks and The Safe Hiring Manual – The Complete Guide to Employment Screening Background Checks for Employers, Recruiters, and Job Seekers.

Not Simply An Automated Public Records Check

  •  HSR offers screening as a professional service through its accredited CRA partner, as opposed to other companies that simply sell automated checks of public records.
  • Screening reports use only primary sources of information obtained with the support of a nationwide network of researchers.
  •  Aggregated third-party data sources are never relied upon.
  • All reports are "eyes-on" before sent - individually reviewed by an analyst for completeness, accuracy, and reportability. 

Needs Analysis and Expert Technical Support

  • A “needs analysis” consultation is performed for each client at the outset to design the right risk mitigation screening solution.
  • Top experts are readily available to answer your questions about the screening process or specific reports.
  • Personalized webinars for training on background screening are available.

Paperless System

  •  Our solution provides a secure, web-based, paperless system compatible with company HR systems.
  • The paperless system provides:

             ·      Lower administrative burdens and costs.

             ·      Applicant-completed, on-line data collection with electronic signatures.

            ·      A paperless adverse action process.

            ·      An electronic audit trail of compliance.

            ·      Status reports available 24/7.

            ·      State-of-the-art data security.

Assured Compliance 

  • The screening process assures compliance with all federal, state, and local regulations for individual notifications, disclosures, and consents relating to employment screens.
  •  Changes in legal requirements are automatically incorporated in the process for clients.
EEOC Compliance Tools

  •  Our solution offers an integrated support tool provided by our CRA partner for compliance with EEOC requirements on the use of criminal records in employment screening.
  • The tool documents the employer's "individualized assessments" of the relevance of a criminal record to the hiring decision discussed in the EEOC's recently updated guidance.

No “Off-Shoring”

  •  All screening work is performed in the U.S., so an applicant's personally identifiable information (PII) is not “off-shored.”


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